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Seminars & Retreats

Wisdom Councils Seminars & RetreatsThese are one half day to one day “inner journey” experiences which explore the leadership principals and practices of ancient wisdom traditions needed by leaders in today’s contemporary society. . Each individual will leave with:

  • A deeper understanding of their own unique leadership gifts and talents
  • Tools and practices to strengthen those areas that need further development
  • A greater sense of purpose about how to contribute their leadership gifts and talents at this time

For more information about each topic, contact info@wisdomcouncils.com

Wisdom Council Seminars:

  • Introduction to The Four Shields of the Wisdom Leader – Developing Awareness and Insight
  • The Wisdom Council Process for Groups and Organizations – Bringing Meaning and Conviction into Meetings
  • Strengthening the Bonds of the People – Conversations and Communications that Work
  • Releasing the Collective Genius of the Council – New Possibilities for Shaping the Future


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