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Wisdom Leaders for Tough Times: Leadership Development for Individuals and Teams

1. Ensuring the Wise Leader is Present: Implementing a New Model of Leadership in your Organization

In order to be successful, organizations must ensure that their leaders possess the gifts, talents and mindset to contribute effectively.
Organizations must be clear about their purpose, vision, goals, beliefs and practices in order to attract the talent most able to align with them, contribute effectively and to thrive while doing so.

We work with top leadership in organizations to create and/or integrate the Wisdom Leader gifts and talents into your Leadership Development Process. We consult with you to:

  • Clearly defines the leadership competencies needed to contribute successfully.
  • Builds processes and tools to attract and retain leadership talent most aligned with the organization’s purpose.
  • Develops a feedback-rich culture that acknowledges employees’ accomplishments and coaches them about areas for development.
  • Provides coaching and training to support leaders in advancing on their continual and personal path to excellence.

2. Life/Leader Coaching: Personal Coaching and Mentoring for Individuals

Personal Coaching and Mentoring ServicesAs leaders become successful, they are often challenged to find people in their organizations who will give them candid and unsolicited feedback and important perspectives about the impact of their actions and decisions.
Wise leaders know at times they must be very discerning about what and how they share with others in the organization. Without a safe sounding board, leaders may feel disconnected and isolated. They may not receive the accurate information and feedback they need to lead most effectively.

Life Leader Coaching provides a trusted confidante and advisor who believes in you and in your ability to lead and achieve. Life Leader Coaching gives you an additional resource to listen, advise and respond to your challenges, questions and goals from an unattached perspective.


Life/Leader Coaching provides:

  • Advice and coaching about thorny and sensitive issues.
  • Practices to stay focused, centered and on purpose.
  • A network of successful business executives to draw on for their position and advice on specific issues.
  • Crisis intervention, providing just-in-time support in those situations that need immediate attention.
  • Specific de-escalation and conflict resolution strategies.
  • Tools to identify and clarify work/life priorities and plans.
  • Approaches to get the candid, accurate and complete information and feedback needed to lead effectively.

3.Sedona Wisdom Wheel Retreats

Sedona, AZThese five day retreats in the high desert, right outside of Sedona, Arizona, provide the opportunity to take time out in a natural environment to slow down, refuel and refocus your energy. In the natural world, you begin to experience the gifts of earth wisdom, the same gifts needed by great leaders: courage, flexibility, presence, vision, resilience and humor.

Using nature as both teacher and mirror, and drawing on the Four Pathways of Leadership, you have the opportunity to access the deep wisdom that comes from the integration of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual parts of self.

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