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Wisdom Walkers Retreat


Women come to the Wisdom Walkers Council to expand their knowledge of the Wisdom Wheel
and to strengthen and sustain the practices learned in past retreats.  Attendees explore new levels of untapped self-awareness using advanced tools and practices. 

Those who resonate with the Wisdom Wheel methodologies and use them ongoing as a map for their life journeys, attend the Wisdom Walker Council as an annual pilgrimage.  The retreat has served as a way to mark an important life passage, address an important life challenge, grief a loss, celebrate an accomplishment and/or simply to give gratitude and honor our connection with the earth.

Specific themes of the retreat are determined by the interests, needs and focus of the attendees.

We intentionally keep the agenda flexible to allow for unexpected opportunities and insights to emerge.   Our focus is on cultivating a sense of presence, communicating, connecting with and learning from the natural world and expanding our visions of what is possible in our lives.

The Wisdom Walker Council retreat requires a commitment to authenticity, compassion, courage, connection and presence.   Using the community council process we gather together to challenge our fears and assumptions that keep us stuck and support our own and one another’s personal and leadership journeys towards wholeness and growth.

This Council is a five day residential retreat experience and is limited to six participants.  It includes moderately challenging physical exertion; morning walks, moderate hiking. The retreat includes self designed ceremonies, meditations and journal work as well as an optional sunrise to sunrise overnight vision quest experience.

“And then you realize there isn’t any one to tell you.  You have got to be on your own, walking the earth, opening yourself up to it, becoming vulnerable.  And it’s talking to you.  And you talk it in.  And then you sit down with somebody whose background is completely different from yours.  And you say, 'When you look out there, what do you see?'  And then you just listen."

- Council Participant

“Other people cannot transform you. Other people can tell you what they have gone through. But it is you that must transform yourself. To believe in yourself. And to live for something you believe in.”

- Wargaii Maathai, 2004 Noble - Peace Prize Winner

“You have the capability, the possibility, the probability and even the responsibility to be lights, because that is who you really are. So when you go back to your respective places, you can shine light upon something; Gleam, Glow, Dare to be yourselves.”

- Maya Angelou, speaking at the Omega Institute Women’s’ Conference, 2010

“I have had really good teachers; some of them can be identified in a conventional way as a person standing in a classroom.  But I’ll tell you this.  I know in my tissue that I have had other teachers – one of them is the living earth itself."

“Barry Lopez, Author, Arctic Dreams and Of Wolves and Men
“There is no limit to where insight can take you.”


2015 Date:

This 5 day retreat begins in Sedona Tuesday, 3pm and ends on Sunday at noon.




Includes meals, lodging and all program materials.

*Full Refunds are given up until four weeks before the start date of the retreat. 

 In the event of cancellations of less than for weeks, fees may be applied to future retreat dates.


      This program is limited to 6 people

    • Prior to arrival, participants will receive materials and pre-work
    • We will have one free afternoon and evening for individuals to shop, tour local art galleries, dine out, etc.
    • Accommodations will be private residences shared by the group. Each person will either have a private room or share a room with two twin beds.
    • Meals will be communally prepared and served.
    • A group conference call will be scheduled one week before the retreat.
    • A detailed itinerary and program outline will follow after registration and deposit.

Please note:

The retreat activities accommodate a wide range of individuals with differing levels of physical fitness. The focus is on being outdoors. Short walks on trails will be included, varying in degree of difficulty, but no lengthy hikes.  Those with special needs should not be discouraged from attending and are encouraged to call to discuss options.

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