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Jamie’s Unique Background

Jamie Conglose, Management Trainer, Executive Coach, FacilitatorIn addition to Jamie’s twenty five year career as an organizational development consultant to Fortune 100 and 500 companies, her deep interest and involvement with the natural world and indigenous wisdom traditions spans almost 30 years. She was an Outward Bound and wilderness instructor in the l970’sand 1980’s and has studied with indigenous teachers since l980.

Jamie became intrigued with the 15,000-year-old wisdom traditions of indigenous peoples' community making, personal growth and conflict resolution approaches and began to slowly integrate their philosophies into her corporate and organizational work.

She has immersed herself in many cultures over the years. She has worked with dancers, mask makers and healers in Bali; animal trackers in Arizona; vision fast guides in the Sierras; and has taken part in ceremonies of First Nations people including the Iroquois, Arapahoe and Lakota; and with the Basque elders of the Pyrenees.

She apprenticed with Stephen Foster and Meredith Little, pioneers in the field of wilderness deep ecology and First Nations People applications to personal growth. She has also been strongly influenced by, and mentors with, Angeles Arrien. Dr. Arrien’s research and teaching have focused on values and beliefs shared by humanity cross-culturally, and on the integration and application of multi-cultural wisdoms in contemporary settings and reveals how indigenous wisdoms are relevant in our families, professional lives, and our relationship with the Earth.

Her commitment to supporting women lead fulfilling lives began early in her career. She served as a counselor at a residential facility for single pregnant young women, been an educator at the Women’s Center at the University of Missouri, a program manager at an abuse, assault and rape crisis center, and instructor and mentor for young women’s wilderness programs for youthful offenders. Jamie was an early pioneer of women’s outdoor leadership initiatives for professionals and led ten day wilderness backpack and paddling courses in Big Bend, Texas in the early 1980’s.

"I loved the time I spent with Jamie in the high desert of Sedona, Arizona. We experienced the teachings of the Wisdom Wheel, while being immersed in the beauty of Sedona's sacred places. Jamie's thoughtful and clear leadership allows each person to reflect upon their own journey through life and fortifies the path of true leadership based on individual strengths and vision. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of the balance it takes to wield compassionate power in our present day world."

- Deborah Muese
North Star Acupuncture
Peterborough, NH



“The Sedona retreat attracted wise, powerful and international women. I wondered what we could learn in four days together in nature. Sedona worked its quiet subtle magic, and I came home smiling about my deepened sense of connection with myself, friends, the land, and life, itself. The Sedona Women’s Retreat is special. I continue to be surprised about the insight I gained to claim my role as an Honorable Elder and began incorporating my learning from the retreat which continues to this day. The land is magical; the women attracted to this experience are awesome and willing to explore the unknown in themselves and the group. Jamie’s connection to the earth and incredible writings allow her gentle power to make her an extraordinary teacher and guide and make this an incredible experience.“ 

- Andrea T. Eliscu, Founder and President,
Medical Marketing Inc.
Healthcare Marketing consultant and
Author or three healthcare marketing books
Orlando, FL

“I considered it an honor and privilege to be invited to participate in this amazing, thought-provoking activity called the Sedona Women’s Retreat. I came expecting a miracle and was not disappointed. From the moment we sat around the wisdom circle surrounded by the beauty and majesty of the red rocks of Sedona, I let the atmosphere have its way with me. Jamie guided us on this road to self-discovery and I was convinced that the next five days would be life-changing. Her warm and nurturing personality coupled with many years of experience communing with nature, allowed all of the women on this path of discovery to explore our real and authentic selves. I look forward to returning to the Sedona again to recharge my soul’s sensitivity and balance.”

- Beverly Marshall-Luney
Vice President
Metro Orlando Economic
Development Commission


"I asked for help recently with an old issue with a new date. What I have learned from Jamie has redirected my thinking. Her advice and coaching takes you to an authentic place within and helps you see and resolve issues from a new perspective."

- Hollis Wilder
Entrepreneur and Owner of Sweets! Bakery
Winner of the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, 2010
Orlando, FL

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