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Sedona, Arizona

Wisdom Coucils Retreats in Sedona

Today, more than ever before, people are looking for leaders they can trust and respect.  The leaders they seek are present, steady, truthful, engaging and passionate.  In the high desert of Arizona, we renew and strengthen these important aspects of our character and bring them back home for the good of ourselves, families, communities and organizations.

In our fast paced complex world of continual change, leaders must possess a strong centered core to be successful in their endeavors.

We need to pause periodically and remember to approach our work and personal lives with a core of clarity, courage, commitment and a sense of connection.  Only then can we see a clear vision of the road ahead and create a vibrant present and a meaningful successful future for ourselves and others.

In the outdoors, we recognize nature as both teacher and mirror and draw on ancient wisdom traditions to reintegrate the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of self.   Throughout history, cultures around the world have acknowledged these four aspects of a person as fundamental keys to health, growth and well being. Take time out in quiet awe inspiring Sedona to reflect about your personal and professional life journeys, remember your life purpose, and discover the current lessons and opportunities presenting themselves to you at this time. Whether you are a president of a company, a business owner, entrepreneur or simply the leader of your own life, Wisdom Wheel retreats and workshops are for anyone who wishes to enhance their leadership talents at work, in their families and/or communities. 

Refer to the retreat and workshop descriptions to determine which might be right for you.

Ancient Wisdom for Contemporary Times
"Speak to the Earth and She Shall Teach Thee”

-- Job 12:8


Wisdom Walkers Retreat


People come to the Wisdom Walkers Council desiring a deeper connection with nature, themselves and with others. They seek to expand their knowledge and practice of ancient wisdom traditions and challenge themselves to explore new levels of untapped self-awareness.

Wisdom Wheel Retreat for Women


This five day leadership retreat experience in Sedona, Arizona is a thought provoking introduction to earth based and ancient wisdom methodologies for personal growth and healing.  Past attendees will find new opportunities to deepen their practice of the Wisdom Wheel journey.

Wise Woman Mentor-Apprentice Retreats




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Jamie Conglose: Retreat Leader

In addition to Jamie's twenty five year career as an organizational development consultant to Fortune 100 and 500 companies, her deep interest and involvement with the natural world and indigenous wisdom traditions spans almost 30 years. She was an Outward Bound and wilderness instructor in the l970's and 1980's and has studied with indigenous teachers since l980.

Jamie became intrigued with the 15,000-year-old wisdom traditions of indigenous peoples' community making, personal growth and conflict resolution approaches and began to slowly integrate their philosophies into her corporate and organizational work.

She has immersed herself in many cultures over the years. She has worked with dancers, mask makers and healers in Bali; animal trackers in Arizona; vision fast guides in the Sierras; and has taken part in ceremonies of First Nations people including the Iroquois, Arapahoe and Lakota; and with the Basque elders of the Pyrenees.


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