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conflict resolution processes
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Conflict ResolutionFew people have training in effective conflict management. Thus, conflicts preoccupy individuals at all levels of an organization. The ways individuals and teams proactively plan and prepare for dealing with contentious and adversarial issues can greatly impact the outcome for all. Wisdom Councils has often been brought in at the eleventh hour because conflicts have stalled business efforts. This is often the first contact with new clients who then recognize their ongoing needs for organizational development services.

In each case of the below engagements, we worked with clients to address conflict in different ways. In some cases we chose several solutions, in other cases just one or two. These included:

  • Cultural awareness meetings to increase understanding about beliefs, values, communication styles, and differing expectations.
  • Working together to clarify and align the team’s collective vision, mission, goals and strategies.
  • Sharing, clarifying and agreeing on one another’s roles and responsibilities.
  • Exploring possibilities, then agreeing on common processes and methodologies to use in problem identification and resolution, communication, planning, and execution.
  • Utilizing personality and personal style inventories and assessments to increase self awareness, strengths, limitations, and impacts on others.
  • Implementing creative and new decision making strategies using collective knowledge and perspectives of all stakeholders.
  • Improving skills in dialogue, influence, meeting management and negotiation.
  • Working with management to practice and use de-escalation and non-violent language in verbal and written communication.
  • Designing and scripting dialogue opportunities and preparing leaders to run sessions.
  • Participating in outdoor experiential teambuilding retreats and business meetings which increased organizational vitality and deepened connections.

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