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The wisdom Wheel

Wisdom Wheel ModelOnly when leaders approach leadership in a balanced integrated way can they bring forth their gifts and talents fully. From this place leaders create vibrant successful endeavors for themselves and others.

The Wisdom Wheel acts as a guide to personal, leadership and organizational success.

Throughout history, humans in cultures around the world have acknowledged some form of the Wisdom Wheel in their ancient wisdom traditions and believe it provides fundamental frameworks and a guide for wholeness and well being.

Indigenous people around the world still use some form of Wisdom Wheel to cultivate wisdom and health.

Many First Nations people of this continent have used this ancient wisdom framework for more than 15,000 years. For them it is called the Medicine Wheel, and is used as a tool for healing.

The Latin root of the word medicine means “to heal” and the definition of “to heal” means “to make whole again”.

This model is applicable to individuals striving to live lives of purpose and meaning. It provides insight and perspective to leaders in their challenges to balance enlightened self interest with responsibility and service to others. It offers a way for teams and organizations to ensure appropriate attention and balance to elements of productivity, transparency, interdependence, and sustainability in their corporate mindset, communication and decision making.

Each of the four aspects of the Wisdom Wheel is called a shield. Healthy, authentic individuals, leader and successful organizations possess a balanced reflection of the integration of all of the Four Shields.

To the right are models of the Wisdom Wheel applying individual, leader, and organization frameworks.

The Wisdom Wheel framework and concept provide an important mindset and foundation for our work with clients.


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