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Wisdom Leaders’ Gifts and Talents:

  • Wisdom leaders possess the courage to exit their comfort zone to try new, unique and innovative ways to lead in order to change the working dynamics of their teams to get breakthrough results.
  • They know that as leaders, fundamental change begins with their own personal willingness and ability to make shift in beliefs, attitudes, behaviors and positions that get in the way of progress.
  • They utilize extraordinary listening skills that often uncover the unacknowledged important messages and facilitate deep connections between people and trustful, lasting alliances.
  • Share their love and passion for their vision in ways that inspire others to contribute in meaningful ways.
Wisdom Leaders' Gifts and Talents
  • They are committed to teach, mentor and pass on their wisdom and capabilities to the next generation to empower them to continue successful and sustainable futures.
  • They possess a far-sighted view and an understanding of the global interdependence of things and consider these in their decisions and actions.
  • They bring forth their courage and convictions in ways that cultivate confidence and a sense of calm when ambiguity arises and no immediate answers are apparent.
  • They are flexible and resilient in the midst of unexpected setbacks and surprising changes.
  • They view communication mainly as conversation in which relationships are formed to build understanding, focus on opportunities and possibilities, and prevent and/or recover from breakdowns and conflicts.
  • They view leadership as something you do with people and not to them.


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