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Transforming the Way We Lead and Live:

Our Approach to Leadership Development

In our fast paced complex world of continual change, leaders must possess a strong centered core to be successful in their endeavors.

To inspire, engage and motive others to share the vision and contribute their best efforts, leaders must begin to lead from the inside out.  Critical attributes of character and integrity cannot be trained but must be excavated from within oneself.

The “soft” skills of leadership have become the “hard” skills and successful leaders of the future need both.

Today increasing numbers of successful leaders recognize the great value of wisdom traditions and their applications to their personal and organizational challenges. Leadership development theorists have incorporated this knowledge into their models for decades. These incorporate three fundamental truths:

  • Leaders must ensure they lead in ways that demonstrate conviction, vision, connection and trust.
  • To survive and thrive in the world and global community, leaders must ensure values and practices of inter-relatedness, transparency, productivity and sustainability are ever present in their organizations.
  • The most powerful leaders are those who cultivate an inner sense of wholeness that arises from integrating the physical, mental, emotional and physical parts of self.

Ancient Wisdom for Contemporary Times

Today’s successful leaders know that there is no difference between personal and organizational leadership.

In every client effort Wisdom Councils strives to coach, develop and support leaders and teams to successfully demonstrate the following:

Wisdom Councils integrates time-tested ways of ancient cultures and their wisdom traditions with contemporary approaches to address today’s leadership challenges and opportunities.

Wisdom Councils incorporates two powerful and effective frameworks in working with clients to ensure deep and lasting results. These are:

1. The Wisdom Wheel
2. The Council Process

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