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The Call to Council - The Council Process

The Council Process ensures that groups work together to make certain the best possible decisions and plans are considered, implemented and supported.

Council is an ancient form and modern practice whose roots are within the natural world, and which span diverse cultures and belief systems and over 15,000 years of human history.

In Council, we listen to the whole circle. Not only the people present, but all those not present, are considered as we understand the interdependence of all things.

This form of coming together facilitates the practice of true connection and integration. It recognizes that every voice needs to be heard, that everyone has a unique perspective or story to offer and that everyone possesses a part of the whole.

The Council Process is unique and more powerful than a traditional business meeting because:

  • A slower pace yields better decisions and results. All the implications of a challenge are discussed before a decision is made and implementation comes faster. Since everyone has opportunity to speak, they feel engaged in the results.
  • Deep Listening is equally, if not more, important than talking. Reserving judgment and suspending one’s position ensures that more information and knowledge is received by the listener.
  • Inquiry, not advocacy, is emphasized. Positions are discussed only as points of view. The secret to knowing the right answers is to ask the right questions.
  • Decisions made must serve the interests of the entire group over any self interests.
  • Decisions are made clear and feel important because of the structure of council.
Wisdom Councils Process
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