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The Challenges Wisdom Leaders Face:

  • Challenges Wisdom Leaders FaceThe last several years have eroded trust and respect in leadership across the globe. Citizens, employees, shareholders and other key stakeholders no longer believe the rhetoric they hear.
  • Valuable personal and company time and energy are wasted as individuals second guess leaderships’ agendas and worry about their futures.
  • Feelings of disillusion, anger and disenfranchisement abound as people struggle with their perceptions of the inequities between executive compensation and employee reductions in benefits, salaries, jobs and the resources to perform those jobs.
  • Cross-generational challenges create frustration, misunderstanding and missed opportunities as employees struggle to understand the differing motivations and goals of four generations simultaneously working together in the same environment.
  • Valuable employees just entering their prime as important teachers and mentors to the next generation disappear as they are among the first to be offered corporate incentives to take early retirement.
  • The witnessing of scandals in corporate America today raises serious questions about corporate governance, and the independence and competence of boards of directors. Board members struggle to identify and know how to discuss the specific reforms that must come into boardroom conversations.
  • Communities are increasingly suspect of corporations that promise jobs and growth and then later viewed as making decisions that are not in the best interest of those communities.
    Leaders are struggling to understand the complexities of sustainability as we continue to stretch our ecosystems to their maximum capacities.
  • Many adjust their lifestyles as their disposable incomes lessen; the rest wonder if this will happen to them.
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