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Boards, Executive Committees and Leadership Teams who work together effectively using Wisdom Council processes:

  • “Show up”, and are energized, informed, prepared and ready to contribute.
  • Are clear and committed to their beliefs, convictions and goals.
  • Demonstrate risk-taking and mutual support to speak out on things that matter.
  • Pay attention to what is important, and what has heart and meaning to themselves and others.
  • Tell the truth and engender trustful relationships among themselves and those they lead and steward.
  • Create courageous followers who are willing to stand up to and for their leader and their organization.
  • Develop a heightened sense of awareness about the challenges of sustainability in how human, capital, and environmental resources are used.
  • Encourage a closer look at how the community is viewed at the table as valued and appreciated partners.
  • Display flexibility and resilience in times of adversity.

“Most people are frustrated by the way decisions get made. We all try to be troopers. People may complain, but then they say, ‘Well, I trust the leadership to come up with the best thinking’. But behind closed doors people wonder if the leaders really do have all the information, especially when the decisions affect people who’ve had no input.”

- Helena Light Hadley
Marriott Lodging
Director, Total Quality Management

Working together effectively


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