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Professional Experience

Jamie Conglose, Executive Trainer, Change Managment Leader, MediatorFor over 25 years, Jamie Conglose has consulted with leaders of Fortune 100 and 500 companies in the field of organizational development and leadership effectiveness. She has worked closely with presidents, CEOs and their executive teams to design and implement large scale strategic change and leadership development initiatives and has worked with thousands of corporate and organizational executives on four continents.  Her areas of focus have been leadership and talent development, executive coaching, conflict resolution, global strategic problem solving, re-structuring, process redesign, and performance management. 

She is formerly a program director with Executive Challenge, an award-winning outdoor team-building program run by Boston University School of Management’s Executive Programs. She holds a Masters of Education in Counseling, Family and Groups from the University of Missouri and has completed post-graduate work and training in conflict resolution and mediation. She received her undergraduate degree in Social Work from the University of Vermont and since the age of nineteen, has held jobs in a wide variety of settings; always working to help develop the potential of individuals, groups and teams.


Multidimensional Approach

Jamie’s consulting style is unique, personal and inventive. While addressing each client’s specific business challenges, she aligns herself with the client’s personality and culture while sparking interest in exploring new perspectives and inspiring their organization to learn and grow. She has subtly woven more “ancient wisdom” and more “nature and outdoor based” methodologies into her work with clients for many years in the ways she designs novel collective experiences. Because she believes there is no difference between personal and organizational leadership, she strives to earn the privilege of being a trusted advisor to her clients as they travel along their leadership journey where ever it may take them.


When Jamie is not consulting with organizations, she leads wilderness oriented personal growth and leadership experiences near her home in Sedona, Arizona. She is a founding member of Mediators Beyond Borders, a non-profit global peacemaking organization and a member of The Wilderness Guides Council, committed to reintroducing earth wisdom and ancient ways to modern culture to help create and maintain a sustainable society.

“Jamie’s exceptional skills and talents cover a broad spectrum of capabilities in the organizational effectiveness arena. During my tenure at Walt Disney World she was a lead consultant for us in major culture change efforts and worked with the senior team to develop a transformational leadership mind set and skills to prepare us to address sweeping changes and growth in our company. She is a master in bringing together teams with differing and competing agendas and engaging them in efforts to solve complex problems together. An engaging coach and thought partner, Jamie was instrumental in helping me clarify my own leadership values and strategies and in developing a plan for sharing those with others in key leadership positions.“

Lee Cockerell
Executive Vice President, Operations (retired)
Walt Disney World® Resort
Author: Creating Magic…10 Common Sense Leadership Strategies From a Life at Disney



"Jamie is an extraordinary executive coach and trusted advisor. Her decades of experience have equipped her with the knowledge and confidence to size up a situation quickly and provide effective recommendations. She offers deep insights about complex dynamics and unique perspectives and solutions for contentious issues. A deep dedication to her clients’ success and well being and genuine involvement in their leadership goals keeps them coming back year after year. “

Andrea Weiss
CEO, Tabi International
Member of Board of Directors, Cracker Barrel and Chico’s FAS, Inc.

“I worked with Jamie on an employee retention initiative when I was Senior Vice President of Operations at Universal Studios Florida. Our task was to bring people together from around the company to analyze issues, develop and test hypotheses and create solutions. Using collaborative methods and dialogue skills , we became a dedicated confident team who could effectively meet with and sell our ideas to senior management. The experience was personally enriching from a leadership development perspective. I continue to use lessons learned and value Jamie’s refreshing ideas and recommendations as I proceed on my leadership journey.”

Don Potts
V.P. General Manager
Orange Lake Resorts

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